Episode014: In Search of Shawarma in Simeria


This week’s podcast had an enitre lineup of random books that we decided to pick up for “Off the Shelf”.  We reviewed Aquaman #12, Conan #7, Green Lantern annual #1 and Captain Marvel #3.  Tony jumped into the middle of America’s Got Powers #3 and is planning on reviewing the whole series when he can get out and find the first two issues.   Kevin pulled a tick out from his longbox.  The Tick: Tax Time Terror got us off topic about the overall greatness that was the Tick.

Indie turnpike was Crossed: Badlands #10.   Booze and a Book was Looker #1, paired with Warre’s Warrior Port, because even though its cliche, Derek has some pretty good reasons.

A website that needs to be checked out is Super Hero Girls (the link is posted under the Interwebs tab)  It is a site that has pictures of girls dressed up in superhero outifts, or some that are not so dressed up.  Most of the pics are regular and ok to view anywhere, but some are definitely not safe for work. You have been warned.

Lastly, we spent some time talking about the Dr. Horrible sequel and the awesomeness of the first web series. We also talked about how many times can Batman be “rebooted” and the what could be a great way to reboot him in the Justice League movie. Hint to the movie studios, we all know how and why Batman became Batman.  (spoiler alert: his parents came down with a bad case of getting shot to death) Stop telling us that and just make movies of him beating up people.  Thanks.


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