Episode015: Trouble with Numbers


In this week’s off the shelf, Kevin talked about Spider-men 1 and 2. Interesting cross over story of Peter Parker and Miles Morales (from the ultimate universe).  Tony went over a tongue twister of a title, The New 52 #0 Earth 2.  It was good, but we need help trying to understand what is going on in Earth #2 compared to Earth #1, or Earth #3, or…..  Derek picked up another new 52 title, of Green Lantern #0 debuting a new Green Lantern.    We also talked about Irresistible #2 and how the story is original and awesome and all around a must buy.

Indy turnpike was Damsels #1 which was pretty, wordy, and pretty wordy.  But a cool little fairytale.

Booze and a book was Punisher #15 paired with Unibrowe Raftman, because they’re complex and made for people with good taste.

Tony also decided he is going to interrupt what is going on at random to ask some interesting topic of discussion.

Kevin also wondered how many books will be coming out in the new 52?  Not sure if there would be a number somewhere to help him out….

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