Episode017: Captain Planet has nothing on our powers combined


After a few weeks absent, Matt joined us again to give us some nerdy knowledge.  He started Off the Shelf with Avengers #30.  Then Derek talked about Daredevil#18.  Tony read the Redhood and the Outlaws #0.    We also discussed The Walking Dead #102 and the conclusion to the latest story arc.

Thanos is in the news again, making a couple movie appearances in the upcoming Marvel movies. Some more interesting news of what Marvel has in store with some of its titles (or the titles they will canceling.)  Also with an election year, Captain America has become President of the USA, at least in the Ultimate Universe.  We also talked about what powers combined would make a great hero (or villain).

Indy turnpike was Ghost #0, and Booze and a Book featured Catwomen #0 paired with Leinenkugel Sunset Wheat.



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