Episode022: Back to Simpler Times, Live From Detroit


We at Drunk on Comics have just pulled off our very first live show in front of the people who attended Detroit FanFare.

We started this episode off with AvX Consequences #3. Then we got into another big story arc in the marvel universe with Punisher Warzone #1. Kevin pulled from his long box Too Much Coffee Man #10.

Indy Turnpike was Not My Bag, written by Sina Grace. This weekend we had the great opportunity to hang out with Sina Grace.  (and when we say hang out, we mean got drunk together.)

We asked some members in the audience (who we had just met), which comic they would be most happiest to find while at the convention. Since print is dead, we have found out that Clark Kent will be leaving the daily planet. We also got into a bit of discussion of the new Iron Man trailer. Tony also discovered the worst beer ever. It is so bad it makes you forget what was just said and repeat it.

Matt gave some shout outs to some of the best booths he saw at the convention.  Booze and a book was Amazing Spiderman #696 with Moose Drool Brown ale.

This live podcast was a great experience for us, and we hope it shows in what we think is one of our best shows we have put together.  It has to be said that we are very thankful to the Convention for letting us drink some beers, give our thoughts on comic books, and overall interact with some of our fans.

Again, from everyone at D.O.C, enjoy the show and thanks for listening.

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3 Responses to Episode022: Back to Simpler Times, Live From Detroit

  1. G.i. Jolie says:

    NOT DRUNK ENOUGH! 🙂 Sorry I missed your panel but totally looking forward to your interviews from the convention floor! Thanks again for being so great even with mouths full of Jimmy JOhns!

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  3. Marc Fishman says:

    Thanks for the shout-out. ‘Twas too brief! I do hope you guys review it on your podcast though. Let me know if/when you do. And who I should make out the bribe, err… donation… out to. Yeah… that’s the ticket. Seriously though, awesome podcast guys. We’ll be shouting out to you on our ‘cast next week!

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