Episode023: Knowing About Swamp Seeds is Half the Battle


We start off the show with Tony reviewing  Swamp Thing Annual #1 in Off the Shelf.  Derek talked about  new series Bedlam #1.  This book is a psychological thriller on acid.  Matt decided to do some lightning reviews (manly because he couldn’t decide on which book to talk about.)  So with the help of Tony and Derek, this turned into a little bit longer talk about Wolverine and the X-men #19  , Avengers #32, and FF #23.

We were all still living off the fun we had last weekend At Detroit FanFare.  We all reminesce a little bit about our favorite parts of the convention.  Tony specifically about dressing up, which is why he decided to don his Cobra Commander PJ’s for this episode.

Not alot of news this week, except for the House of Mouse acquiring the Death Star and all other Star Wars related items with their purchase of LuacsFilms.

Tony won’t stop talking about one of his favorite movies, Idiocracy, and about the special campaign shorts that U.S. President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho (Terry Crews) did just in time for the election in Interwebs.

IndyTurnpike consisted of many short stories in the CBLDF Presents Liberty annual 2012.  Booze and a Book was a great pairing of Masters of the Universe: The origin of Skeletor #1 with Original Sin hard cider.

Also look forward to the next few weeks when we release our interviews of some of the Artists and Comic Book Creators we met at the convention.


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