Episode024: The Secret Rise of The Silver Surfer Sucking


This week, we had a long time listener/ the person that makes most of our nice homebrew beers, Nick on the show.  After giving away some of his dark story arc on a certain movie he worked on, we got into Off the Shelf.  Tony spoke of the few reasons why Before the Watchmen Moloch #1 is a good book to pick up. Nick joined in by talking about Iron Man #1.  Derek reviewed a great team up with Domino and Dare-Devil in x-men #38.Derek finally admitted to liking Deadpool, and had some things to chime in on when Tony reviewed Deadpool #1.  Finally, everything AvX can come to a close, with AvX Consequences #5. (except for the consequences that come out of this series)

We talked of the new Uncanny X-men slated to come out in spring. We also talked a bit about Star Wars again, and found out Nick is a huge star wars nerd.  Hellblazer is coming to an end…. only to have Constantine come back in another book.

IndyTurnpike was Colder #1.  This lead into what we think of what a superhero afterlife might be like, if there even is one.

Booze and a Book was FreeLancers #1 with Scotty Karate beer by Dark Horse brewery.

Last but not least, we are quoted on the back of the TPB of DeadWorld: War of the Dead.  Pick it up, its a great read, and it will prove someone actually cares about our opinions.

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