Episode025: The #1 Question


Today’s episode was brought to you by the number #1, which just so happens to be the many number one titles we talked about, as well as us being #1 of the growing demographic of drinking while podcasting segment.

In off the shelf we talked about All new X-men #1, not to be confused with the other x-men title being canceled.  Thor #1 also debuted with a great mystery that we will journey down in the coming months.  Tony had to ruin the #1 rule by reviewing Suicide Squad #14, but as Matt pointed out, it still has a 0ne in the number.

Kevin pulled Marvel Zombies Destroy #1 off the shelf, although it was from the back shelf, the series still sounds like a good read.  Kevin also pulled form his longbox, The Question #1, which as anyone who has read Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy knows the answer is 42.

Indy turnpike was a interesting story, or should we say, saga, as in Saga #7 to be precise.

Booze and a book came in with Batman #14 with a simple yet refreshing Newcastle Brown Ale.

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