Episode029: Right or Wrong, We Still Kick Ass


This weeks episode is brought to you by Kevin, Tony and Derek. The 3 get together to share their thoughts on some great books they picked up. We start with off the shelf where Tony talks about Cable and X-force #1. Derek got into a new title that the almost didn’t pick up, Avengers Arena #1. Tony also put the whole Death of the Family story arc in his top five favorite stories, and briefed us on some of the chaos in Batman #15.

Kevin pulled an ace out of his sleeve/longbox with Space Ace, written by some guy with the last name of Kirkman.  We hope he is still out there writing comics.

Kevin and Derek both merged onto the IndyTurnpike with To Hell you Ride.

Booze and a Book was Cyber Force #2 with a Honey Brown Lager.

Lastly, if you need to make some extra cash around the holidays, invite Derek over to watch a movie at night.  You’ll know why when you start to listen.

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