Episode030: Lost in 2 Many Books


Another week of picking up books has definitely made our lighter, but we are still getting them to let you know what is out there in the world of Comic Books

This week we discus Uncanny x-force #35, Cable and X-force #2, Thunderbolts #2 and Avengers #2.  Tony also wanted to talk about something different this week, so he picked up Star Trek & Dr. who assimilation #8.  He was also happy that after a few months of thinking the title was canceled, America’s Got Powers #4 finally came out.

Indy turnpike had a great adult like cartoon book called Empowered Special #3

Booze and a Book was Indestructible Hulk #2 paired with The Woodsman Brown Ale from Shorts brewery

From everyone at D.O.C. we wish everyone some great holiday cheer (paired with whatever beer you have in the fridge)

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One Response to Episode030: Lost in 2 Many Books

  1. GREAT prediction on Cable and X-Force on the Stryfe and Bishop hypothesis! I very much hope you’re right on that, I’m a big Cable fan and bringing those characters into this book will keep this a Cable-centric book.
    I also loved the last issue of Uncanny X-Force, incredible issue. I’m excited for the new series and will be checking it out as well (although I have issues with them bringing Storm into it. I love Storm, but she’s not a good fit for the book and has always been against what X-Force did). I’m really enjoying Thunderbolts as well! I have to say, all these Marvel Now new titles are really impressing me. It’s a great time to read comics!

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