Episode032 – Spoiler Alert! Collecting Tip Next Week!


We at Drunk on Comics have had a great week Celebrating time travel into the year 2013 and of course celebrating Tony’s Nerdy 30.  So we too also want to thank you for starting the year off right by listening to us.

We got for your ear-buds some great picks from off the shelf.  Kevin talked about MacGyver #3, Derek still is fawning over Daredevil End of Days #4, and Tony went into a long back story of the Illuminati and how pretty much how the New Avengers are the cool team.  He even managed to talk a little about New Avengers #1.

We went back to the shelf to talk about All New X-men #5.  And Kevin pulled from his longbox Secret Invasion #1.

IndieTurnpike was a great and fun read of Mars Attacks Popeye.

Booze and a Book was Punisher Nightmare #1 (of 5) paired with Breakfast Stout from Founders.

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