Episode033: I Can Reads Colors


On this episode, the guys get together once again and learn that while Kevin isn’t good at math, Tony can barely read.

During Off the Shelf, Matt tackles Thor as well as Cable and X-Force.  Kevin keeps in the loop as to how effective glasses are to a secret identity as he reviews Justice League 15.  And as a follow up to our Amazing Spider-Man episode from a few weeks ago, Tony leads the discussion on the first issue of Superior Spider-Man.

Derek introduces us to a fairly unknown property called Star Wars as he reviews the first issue in Indie Turnpike.

And lastly, we pair an interesting beer from Flying Dog Brewery with Mars Attacks Kiss.

All in all, this episode is chock full of news and reviews.  So our only question is, why are you still reading this and not listening to the podcast?  It’s waiting to make sweet love to your ear holes right now!

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