Episode036: We Have ‘erpes.


In the newest installment of our award winning podcast, Tony, Matt, Kevin and Derek once again talk about some of their favorite comic books from the week.  In the Off the Shelf segment, they discuss Dr. Who #1 from IDW, and how none of them really know much about the character or series, Masters of the Universe: Origin of He-Man from DC Comics, as well as the other He-Man title.  The debate still rages on about if Peter is a ghost in Marvel’s Superior Spider-Man #2  and then they wrap up Minutemen #6 from DC.

News & Notes got the guys talking about some books being cancelled as well as started up, along with a little bit of movie rumors mixed in for fun.

The Indie Turnpike showcased Emily and the Strangers #1 of 3 from Dark Horse comics, while Booze & a Book paired Deathmatch #2 from BOOM! Studios with a First Press traditional hard cider.

Finally, the guys wrap it up with an announcement about their first ever crossover podcast event.

So why are you still reading this when you could be listening to it instead? Go on… Push play!

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