Episode040: We’re Officially Cougars!


drunk logoOn this week’s podcast, Kevin, Tony and Derek toss back a few brews while they talk about their favorite comic books of the week.

In Off the Shelf (brought to you by www.MotorCityComicCon.com), Derek wrapped up Greg Rucka’s run on Punisher with Punsisher: War Zone #5 of 5.  Kevin tag teamed couple of DC comics, Aquaman and Justice League.  Tony finished the segment with Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy #0.1.  Why 0.1? Because it’s more than 0.

The fellas talked quite a bit of movie news this week in the News & Notes segment (brought to you by www.Inter-Comics.com), and both Derek and Tony had a chance to be pissed about things happening on the silver screen.

The Indie Turnpike this week was The Rocketeer: Hollywood Horror, and Booze & a Book saw Dr Who: Prisoners of Time get paired with a Newcastle Founders Ale.

And don’t forget, there are only a few more days to help us name our new Cover Art segment, which this week showcased the variant cover to Dr. Manhattan #4 of 4

So kick back and take an alcohol infused trip with the guys down to comic book shops in your brains.  Cheers!

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