Episode042: Jello Pudding Pops


drunk-logoWe at Drunk on Comics like to celebrate whenever we can.  In fact, most weekends, we make up holidays just so we can justify getting smashed.  Well this past weekend, we went out on town to celebrate St. Practice (Patrick’s) Day.  Plus we also decided to have some beers with those guys from the Nerdist Podcast.  We even somehow fit into our schedule to bring you another podcast for the ages, where we reviewed Mega Man #23, Walking Dead #108,and Mars Attacks #8

Indie turnpike had us talking about Shrugged #1 volume 2, but more because of the name Theo than anything else.

Booze and a Book was Emily and the Strangers #2 paired with Rumchata

Star Wars #3 got Best on Tap, Cover Alex Ross

Lastly, we got to hear how horrible Tony is at doing a Bill Cosby impression.  This is something that is so horrible, we might have to turn it into a ringtone.  Hope you all have/had a safe and wonderful time drinking green beer and chasing that Leprechaun down the streets

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