Episode046: Marvel Now, Then, Later, or Anytime


drunk-logoBoth Matt and Tony tag teamed 4 different books with a central theme: time travel. Age of Ultron #4 had them going to the past and future to stop Ultron.  Fantastic Four took a trip to the beginning of the universe, only to head towards the end of the universe at the end of the book.  Thor also had his “past self” as well as “now self” transported into the future to be in the same time as his “future self.”  And lastly Uncanny Avengers also had some time travel with Kang instigating a fight between Apocalypse and past Thor.   The amount of information almost made Derek’s head explode.  There is way too much time travel going on, and in a lot of prolific tittles.  We just hope these don’t turn into crossovers in which readers will be even more confused by the where, how’s and especially when’s of the story arc.

Derek got into Wolverine #2 , and talked about how Logan is the best at what he does and what that is, is babysit a kid with a gun.  Intern Jim talked about Saga #12.  Everyone thought the name Prince Robot the 4th was the coolest screen name ever.

Indie Turnpike Derek talked about Jirni #1. Definitely pick this book up when it comes out on 4-17-13

Tony still wont stop coming up with his own name for the best cover segment, but as we like to call it, Best on Tap this week was Batman #19 with the variant MAD magazine like fold in cover by Al Jafee.

Booze and a Book was Avengers Arena #7 with Monkey King from New Holland.

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