Episode053: Losing Time Through Diets


savageThis week we all knew what Derek wanted to talk about when we were at our comic book stores on Wednesday and saw that the final Daredevil: End of Days #8 was out.  Kevin picked up a book that we were all curious about, which is Dial H #13,  and Tony went on about how he is starting to see where the story in Thanos Rising #3 is going.

Tony really liked Astro City #1, and talked about it for Indie Turnpike.  He also did a little research into the world that Kurt Busiek created and definitely is hooked.

Best on Tap was a great cover that was a throwback to the golden days with Savage Dragon #188.

Booze and a book was a leftover Warsteiner that was left in the fridge paired with Miss Fury #4.

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