Episode055: It’s our Birthday; We turned 1


So a year ago, Drunk on Comics was formed.  We wanted to do something a little bit different for this episode and record in it in a bar.  We soon realized how distracting a bar can be, as well as the multitude of available liquor that was brought our way. We hope you can understand our ramblings throughout.  And also thanks for taking the time to listen to our podcast.  Without you, it would be just us recording our own voices while we talk comics.  Thanks for checking in on us over the past year, and we hope you continue to do so for a long time….. Anyways about today’s episode:

We talked about many books today, which included Indistructable Hulk #9, Age of Ultron #10, Supergirl #21, Fantastic Four #9 as well as all of the Avengers titles.

We also talked about Mara #5 (not to be confused with Mambo #5) for Indie Turnpike

Booze and a Book was X-Files season 10 #1 paired with Pete’s Wicked Ale.

Our Best on Tap pick this week was Harbinger #13 by Khari Evans  Patrick Zircher (Derek was wrong)


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