Episode060: Transitions


Wow, we started off way out in left field, but came back during news to be on point.  But first, in off the shelf Kevin discussed Rocketeer and Spirit #1, Tony talked about All new Fathom #1 (which Derek was wrong, it is indeed 15 year anniversary)  and Derek told about the coming of Galactus to the Ultimate Universe in Hunger #1.

Lots of news still coming out from the aftermath of SDCC, but one that we mentioned, go to this link and sign the petition to get Dredd 2 made.

Indie Turnpike was Lazarus #2 from Image

Booze and a Book was a Rocket Pop with Fan V. Zombies #16

Our winner of the Comic Book Displays contest is Scott Bachman.

Best on Tap was G.I.Joe

gijoe cobra files

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