Episode061: The Age of Ulta


In this week’s episode, we didn’t have a lot of news, so Kevin, Matt and Tony kinda rambled on about what few things we had to talk about.  But we did have a few books that got us to kick off the show, starting off with Adventure Time Summer Special #1.   We then moved over to  Ultimate Universe of Marvel, where Matt talked about The Ultimates #28.   Last for Off the Shelf we looked at the much acclaimed first feature of Angela in Guardians of the Galaxy #5.

Kevin decided to pull out his long box with Police Academy The Comic Book.

Indie Turnpike had the breakdown in physics with Collider #1.

Booze and a Book paired Superman: Red Son with any type of Russian Imperial Stout.

Lastly, we loved the ink work on Uncanny X-Force #9 for our pick of Best on Tap.

uncanny xforce 9

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