Episode065: Bringing Up Jokes From The Week Before


Tony, Matt and Derek brought you some good ol’ fashion reviews of Kill Shakespeare: The Tide of Blood #5, Thanos Rising #5, Avengers Arena #14 and Skullkickers #24.

We learned that Matt doesn’t listen to podcasts that he is not part of, so he brought up a lot of Batffleck jokes that Derek and Tony did the week before when the news was actually news.   We also had Tony do a better Bobcat impression, as well as a terrible Gilbert Gottfried impression as Iago from Aladdin at the end of the cast.  He really needs to not quit his day job.  We also had some news you want to hear as well in the program.

Indie Turnpike was Itty Bitty Hellboy #1

Booze and a Book had the pairing of Batman/Superman #3 with a Black and Tan

Best on Tap was Super Dinosaur #20, by Jason Howard

super dinosaur

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