Episode067: Introducing Zippy


We are only 1 week away from appearing at Grand-con.  So if you are in the Grand Rapids area, come on out and stop by our booth.   But enough of the self promotion, we have here another great podcast for you to enjoy.  Today, Tony talked about the worst named villain, but if you can get past the name, is pretty bad ass in Reverse Flash #1 for DC villains month.  Derek also talked about a villains month book with Black Manta #1.  And of course Matt chose The Ultimates #30 (which is just another avengers title.)

For indie turnpike, we have Hit List #1 from Zenescope

Booze and a Book was a Molson XXX paired with Braniac #1 (or Superman 23.2 if you want to get technical)!

Last but not least, we have Court of Owls #1 (Batman & Robin 23.1) as our Best on Tap

court of owls

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