Green Arrow #24 Review

Green Arrow #24 Review

DC Comics

Writer- Jeff Lemire
Artist- Andrea Sorrentino
Colorist- Marcelo Maiolo
Letterer- Rob Leigh

Review By Ruben Mendoza

When the New 52 launched I bought every #1 that came out, of all those books I was most disappointed with Green Arrow. It just seemed like a book that was trying to hard to be funny and didn’t have an interesting story to tell. I dropped the book and didn’t look back.

Then Jeff Lemire jumped on, and then I started reading the previews online (and loving the artwork) and then they started putting together a story that sounded amazing (Count Vertigo). That’s all I needed to hook me. If you are hesitant about jumping onto a book 24 issues in, fear not as Green Arrow #24 provides you with all you need to know about characters, events and locations.

#24 jumps us in as Oliver Queen is heading back to Seattle after a vicious battle with Count Vertigo (a battle that has left Arrow partially deaf). The majority of this book focuses on a city wide battle between Arrow and Count Vertigo as a new secondary storylines begin in the background of all this chaos. What I found most interesting and entertaining is the way Lemire was able to focus and shift attention from several different plots without taking away anything from them. This book is literally packed with story and no page or panel is wasted on filler. And the drama! Arrow is literally stumbling into this final battle with a villain with tremendous power and his best weapon (his Arching skills) are severely weakened and yet he finds the will to continue to move forward and find a way to win. This is how you write a hero folks, take notes.

I cannot say enough about this, I plan on going back and buying each issue Lemire has written (he started with #17) and reading the heck out of them. Jump on and read the second best book DC puts out!

With its unique artwork and fantastic storytelling, Green Arrow is a book you cannot miss out on!

Writing- 5/5
Art- 5/5
Overrall-5/5 (Must Buy)

Ruben is a contributing writer for Drunk On Comics. You can follow him on Twitter at @TheRubenMendoza.

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