Harbinger #15 Review

Harbinger #15 Review
“Perfect Day, Chapter 1”

Writer: Joshua Dysart
Pencils: Barry Kitson
Inks: Stefano Guadiano and Mark Pennington
Colors: Ian Hannin with Sotocolor
Letters: Simon Bowland
Covers: Khari Evans, Barry Kitson, Trevor Hairsine, and Rian Hughes

Review by Scott Keys

After the events of the Harbinger Wars, the Renegades finally get to have some R&R. Everything is so fun and the sun is shining, what could possibly go wrong? Apparently, plenty could go wrong for the Renegades.

Dysart does a great job of lulling us into a false sense of security with the first half of this book. The kids are just chillin’ at the beach, catching some rays, joyriding, and going to concerts. You know, normal teenager stuff. But then Kris starts hallucinating, and that’s when things get dark! The groundwork that is laid throughout the issue, and the payoff at the end are handled rather well (if somewhat gorey, not for the kiddies, that’s for sure).

And Kitson’s art is truly a thing to behold this issue. He is able to take the tone of the book from light-hearted to very grim in a matter of a few panels. Kris’s hallucination was really cool too, with the “sea-lions” and the crashing waves. That final scene, where Kris gets Torque to really open up, just pulls at your heartstrings, especially after what follows, which I won’t spoil, you’ll need to read that on your own.

Dysart is making a bold move this issue, and taking the kids down a much darker path. Las Vegas obviously had some ramifications on the Renegades, and I’m down to see where this path leads!

Art: 4 / 5
Story: 5 / 5
Overall: 4.5 / 5

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