Hellboy (Butler) Vs. Mephisto (Bucknell)

Hellboy (Anung Un Ram) has always tried to run from his destiny. He has never wanted to be the “right hand of doom.” It is with this, that he has fought so hard all of his life to distance himself from those who push him towards that path. It is why, he has never cared that his Uncle Mephisto has sought the seat of power within hell. If Mephisto wanted it, then it meant he would not be pushing Hellboy towards Ragnarok. And since no one but Hellboy is to bring in the end of days, he didn’t ever bother what schemes his uncle was up to.

That is until recently……..

Mephisto has always enjoyed a bit of sport. In fact, he enjoys when people like to make a deal. It is in these deals that he finds a particular “spirit” in the world. And it was long ago that a deal was made with a special Amphibian. A debt was owed to Mephisto, and he came to collect.

“Well, hello Nephew,” said Mephisto. Hellboy, still sleeping, only gruffed and turned over.. This infuriated Mephisto to no end. “I SAID WAKE UP.”

“Uh! Who goes there….. oh its just you Uncle.” Hellboy, still feeling the pain from the many glasses of whiskey, only half cared that his uncle was here. This actually happened quite a bit over the course of a year. Mephisto would come, explain some plan of his to rule hell, see if Hellboy wanted in on it, would try to make a deal, and usually leave until the next holiday. Today was different. Today, it seem liked Mephisto had something sinister in mind.

“So good to see you my Anung Un Ram,” said Mephisto. “I just came to let you know that I will be taking the soul of your fish friend. You see, a while ago, he made a deal to save you from some form of danger or another, and he would sacrifice himself. Quite noble I must say, but so pointless. So I come making a deal for a deal.”

What. To hell with you, said Hellboy, “I will not be your lackey.”

“Oh to hell I will go, but with your fiend’s soul if you don’t fight for me in this next round of this tournament,” said Mephisto.

“Tournament, what tournament?” asked Hellboy.

The one those glorious bastards at Drunk on Comi….Oh, it doesn’t matter. Let’s just say life is tournament. Will you be my champion, and fight the intrepid brat who is standing in my way of ascension.? That’s all it will take for fish’s soul. Just fight in the next round. In fact, I am stepping aside so as to not dirty my shoes this round.”

Hellboy, with a splitting hangover, says, “Uncle, I will fight for you. And that is my only deal. I fight, I get Abe’s soul.”

“Then it’s a deal, and I always honor my deals…..”

With his head starting to clear, Hellboy goes off in search of this person named Magik.


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