Icemant (temple) Vs. Riddler (NC State)

Iceman was trying to have a good time at the beach. He already got his Coney dog and slurpee, and was wandering around the volley ball courts when he came upon a street performer. The street performer was going on and on about riddles and giving anyone who won $500. Well not to miss an opportunity, Iceman decided to try his luck.

When the Riddler gave Iceman his riddle, Iceman froze. He didn’t know how to answer. He had seen the Hobbit, and knew that the question “what’s in my pocket,” was not a true riddle. But Iceman decided instead of arguing, he would be able to figure this out. He just need a distraction.

So Iceman thought that if he could slip a shaving off of him, a small sentient part of his body into the mans jacket pocket, he would be able to guess it correctly. The only problem was doing this. So Iceman improvised and got as close as he could, and spilled his slurpee down the front of the Riddlers Jacket. It was in this moment that he seized the opportunity to splice off a piece of himself.

After apologizing profusely, Iceman told him he would pay for the dry-cleaning with his winnings. The Riddler, intrigued by this person brash attitude, decided to let the slight go, and proceed to hear this persons answer. Iceman simply replied, $3,000.

The Riddler, laughing at the stupidity of the answer, said oh, I don’t have that much on me. But unfortunately, you lost my friend. Here is the amount you owe me for the dry cleaning.

Iceman just smiled and said, I will be back in 10 minutes with the money. Little did everyone else know that the Riddler had a small figurine bat in his pocket. But he also had something else. Like a personal bank account number on the receipt from an Atm. After leaving to head to an Atm, which spit out over $3,000, Iceman came back and said. Here’s your money.

Ultimately Iceman correctly guessed the Riddler had $3,000. Whether it was on the piece of paper or in the ATM, didn’t matter to him. He swindled the swindler, and that to him was a win

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