Interviews: Mark McKenna, Stephen Burger, & Ryan Stegman


We have a plethora of interviews that we are getting ready for you listeners.  First at bat in this grouping are Mark McKenna, Stephen Burger, and Ryan Stegman.

Mark McKenna has worked all over the comic book industry at many different publishers.  With this, he has added many titles that he has worked on.  We got a chance to see what he is currently up to as well as which comic book he would really like to work on.

Stephen Burger comes from the C N D or as those who live up north would say, C-ay N-ay D-ay.  He has a great self published book called “Talk” that you should all take a look at.

And finally, we get to talk to a real friend of the show, who we have met several times over the past few years, Ryan Stegman.  Most of you may know his work from Superior Spiderman.  (and the subsequent debate he has sparked within Drunk on Comics about that title.) We are hoping if we keep interviewing him, he will finally get around to drawing us into the background of a bar scene in one of the issues.  (we can wish right).

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