Iron Man (Syracuse) Vs. Mystique (California)

Two opponents that have faced each other with the same results have met again. But this time things might be different. For when an Avenger such as Iron Man goes up against Mystique, the match-up is normally one sided. But, what if Mystique had something up her sleeve. Or more like something in her utility belt. Because Mystique acquired Batman’s belt in the last match, and it might give her the added edge she needs for a win.

Iron man was already using his underwater armor when Mystique broke into his beach home. The armor didn’t have much on the offensive or defensive, being more of an oxygen creating dvice. But he always had some sort of repulsor, which Mystique learned with a blast to the face. She ducked behind the couch, and came back throwing batarangs left and right. They did some damage to the armor, but most of it was superficial. It was great that she did start using those items first, because he knew what he was up against.

As a normal fighter, Mystique is formidable. But with that utility belt with never ending supply of gadgets made her deadly. Lucky for Iron Man, he knew about the belt, because it belonged to a fellow member of the β€œThe Super(hero) Rich Club.” He had Jarvis make a phone call, and Mystique was no match against the sociopathic womanizing billionaire, and the other sociopathic womanizing billionaire.

Winner Iron Man

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