Kitty Pryde (Notre Dame) vs Lex Luthor (Iowa State)

Mutant vs Human. Should be a no brainer, but today it was the brain that won.

Knowing that Kitty Pryde was trained in all forms of hand to hand combat, as well as trained to fight off telepathic attacks, Lex Luthor took another route.

He asked Kitty out on a date.

While most of these matches have been over in minutes, this one took 6 long months of courtship from the man who had an “uncanny” familiarity to a man she once knew.

Using his devious tactics, Lex eventually was able to fall in love with him. Knowing he was no match for her in a real battle, he asked her to step down and allow him to continue on in this Deathmatch in honor of their love.

As soon as she agreed, Lex claimed the victory and dropped the bomb that his only true love was Superman, and left the poor Sprite broken hearted.

Winner: Lex Luthor

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