Let Hulk smash your coffee table with this book

The other day I was visiting the in-laws in the huge ass city of Hubbard, OH. Every second I was there, I wished it was my last. However, there was one instance I was happy i was there, and that was at the local flea market.  I almost dismissed this book because of the cover and also it was with a bunch of other kids books.  However, curiosity came over me and I picked it up.

This book made by DK Publishing, with Marvel’s approval, is a history of the Hulk from his beginnings up to when the book was published in 2004.  This book goes over the origin, several of the plot lines the Hulk has been involved in over the year, and even big enemies that he has battled over the years.  They also talk about the artists and writers over the year as well.  For $1 in great shape, this made time in Hubbard go by a little more quickly.

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