Loki: Agent of Asgard #4 Review

Loki agent of asgard 4
Loki: Agent of Asgard #4 Review

Publisher: Marvel
Story: Al Ewing
Art: Lee Garbett
Colors: Nolan Woodard
Cover: Jenny Frison
Letters: Clayton Cowels

“Everyone loves the old world talkie when Thor does it.”

I’ve been holding my breath while reading this series. Kieron Gillen created Young Loki in Journey Into Mystery, and he was hilarious and the series was brilliant. Then, Kieron brought him into his Young Avengers arc, continuing the Loki storyline thread, and it was even better. Then Al Ewing comes along, picking up the pieces and story arcs left behind. Old Loki has killed Young Loki and taken his place. Loki has angered other pantheons and made enemies of Mephisto. Loki has a fascination with technology. Loki has a habit of rewriting myth to alter reality. Loki has aged himself to get back some of his former power. Loki is doing the biddings of the All Mother in exchange for pardons on his past. Loki has a knack for acquiring things of immense power, using them, and moving on. What does Al do with all of this? Instead of stumbling along, aping what’s gone before, or going with a “different vision” for the character, he picks up the ball like he was born to hold it and keeps on running. By issue four, I’ve found I can breathe easy and just enjoy the ride.

After some amusing parrying with Beowulf, the real story kicks in as Loki tricks Mephisto – convincingly. Mephisto, instead of being furious, the dark one studies the methods and concludes that Young Loki is no longer Young Loki. It neatly ties thirty issues of continuity together and promises menace to come. Teen Loki has some of the fun of Young Loki, but a bit more style and menace. Young Loki was running by the seat of his pants, barely one step ahead. Teen Loki is two steps ahead at times, and turning missteps into opportunity at others. The noose that was always threatening to choke Young Loki is still present and it’s still a blast watching him dance out of it.

Did I mention the art? No I didn’t, and I should. Nolan’s colors are perfect with Lee’s realistic and expressive art. For a character driven story, with humor and style, you need an artist to step up. This duo delivers. They nail the beats and expressions, set the moods and make pages you stop and admire. The sound efx are hilarious! Not always easy to know who creates them, could be letters, could be art, but hats off to making this comic sound as funny as it reads.

It’s safe to say it’s a wonderful series.


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