Magik (Marquette) Vs. Hellboy (Butler)

All was going according to plan for Mephisto. He had wanted to exact his revenge on Magik for quite some time. He had also found an old written rule for the Lords of Hell concerning limbo. Much like the chaotic nature of the realm, Mephisto found that if he can have another willingly participant defeat the ruler of limbo, he would open a pathway to the throne of Hell. All the other mumbo jumbo of spells and sorcery is not needed. What is needed his for Mephisto’s nephew, Hellboy, to defeat Magik.

“I’m only doing this because you promised me Abe’s soul back,” said Hellboy.

“And as I have said, just fight this wench, and you will,” said Mephisto. Now he needed him to defeat her, but if he tipped his hat too far, Hellboy might not willingly fight. So just fight is all he asked in exchange for a soul.

Magik, felt the teleportation before it happened. And right behind her, a large read monkey descended on her. It was after the initial shock, that she noticed this was no large monkey, but a demon of hell. She had a few thoughts of who had summoned this creature, but it didn’t matter. She was needed back at base, so she needed to make this quick. She wove a spell meant to catch malicious demons, and watched the spell net fall on Hellboy.

“Ha, that tickles sweetheart,” said Hellboy. He immediately went into action, pummeling her defensive spells trying to knock her out. He was told he only needed to win, not kill her. So that was what he was going to do.

“There is nothing sweet about me, demon spawn,” said Magik.

“Hey, what’s with the name calling. Demon that I am, I’m sure not a spawn. Those freaks work for one of the other lords of hell,” said Hellboy.

Magik was starting to wonder what kind of demon did not speak the black tongue. And for that matter, why her spell did not work on this creature. It did not matter. She was the far superior one in this match up. As she was about to cast one more spell, she then noticed his arm. “How do you have that. That shouldn’t be on earth realm,” said Magik.

“Oh this. This is just my fist I use for hitting people with,” said Hellboy, as he used it to punch through Magiks defenses and landed a right hook that had her flying through the air. It was in mid flight that she teleported behind him, and used what knowledge she knew of the Right Hand of Doom in her next spell. It was complex in casting, but simple in nature. She just needed his hand to anchor it. And once it was cast, Hellboy was sent back from where he came into this fight from.

It was fine for Hellboy, because once the fight was over, his hand held the contract with his friends soul. He put up a fight, which is all his uncle asked of. But this led to more questions of why he didn’t want her eliminated. But he didn’t care. He had saved his friends soul, and that was all that mattered.

As Magik stood watching where the demon once stood, she knew there was something else to this besides a random encounter. She teleported back to base, as she contemplated who would bring the Right Hand of Doom so close to her.

Mephisto was not in a happy mood. He had thought his nephew had what it took to defeat Magik. He was about to give up on this gambit, but noticed there might be one other down the ranks that he might be able to pit against her. And all he needed was her to be defeated. Why not take another chance with one more champion in this tournament.

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