Magik (Marquette) Vs. Savage Dragon (Davidson)

Having lived a life of fighting crime, the Savage Dragon has always wondered about his past. Having developed amnesia, he can’t remember past the fire in the field. But he has always been good at police work, at least on the super freak side of things. Which has led him to this warehouse, where a person is wanted for her crimes against the government in what has been labeled a classified file, the phoenix five. Having tracked her down to a warehouse, he is not letting her get away.

Magik, having just teleported a few new mutants back to their school, came back because she noticed a green skinned creature that she was sure was demonic in nature. But she didn’t get the chance to talk because the moment she turned her back, Dragon broke through some crates.

“What the hell,” said Magik.

Dragon, knowing that sometimes you just don’t stop to talk, would not relent. He savagely punched and kicked, and a few got through Magik’s defenses. But then it was her turn to strike back.

Throwing some dust in the wind, and citing and incantation, Magik summoned 3 lizard like creatures from limbo. Now it was four against one.

The Dragon has fought larger numbers than this, but a magic user of this caliber might be a bit too much. Still he was not going to let her get away for the crimes she committed.

The first lizard got it the hardest, his head bashed in with a sledgehammer. The second, went with the first, into the front spokes of the the forklift. Now it was time to tear a limb from this child.

Magik, having floated to the upper balcony, said. “Seriously, what are you doing. Who are you, and why don’t you know when to quit when you are still alive.

“You are under arrest, for your crimes…” was all he was able to say before his voice cut off. “Crimes! Crimes. I will tell you about crimes. The crimes of mutants being hunted for no reason. I am surprised you have made it as a cop and not noticed the injustices done to those who are different. And if you can’t see that, then you are not one we would like to have on our team. I was coming to offer you sanction, and instead, you choose to fight. So be it.”

The Dragon started to leap up the crates in the warehouse to the balcony, when he smelled smoke. And then he saw fire. It was in that instant, that he remembered. He remembered the field that he was found in, the people who found him, and before that he started to remember. And then…. blackness, as Magik threw the forklift at him.

Having won this battle, Magik walks away, not noticing a man in red sitting up in the corner of the warehouse watching. The man says, “Well, I guess I have to get the nephew to do my work.”



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