Mighty Avengers #7 Review

mighty av
Mighty Avengers #7 Review
Publisher: Marvel
Story: Al Ewing
Pencils: Valerio Schiti
Colours: Frank D’Armata

Review by Patrick McAleer

This issue sees the team scramble as they attempt to contain one of their own from doing something she might regret. Ava Ayala (the White Tiger) gets wind of the fact that the man responsible for her parents’ death is free and within striking distance. Writer Al Ewing is still bringing his A-game to this series, and it’s a beautiful thing to see him incorporate elements from a character’s past (in this instance something that occurred over 30 years ago). When a writer is willing to do his homework and thread such a rich plot, this is a book worth reading.

As the rest of the Mighty Avengers attempt to stop Ava there are some sublimely executed action scenes, including perhaps the finest roundhouse kick I’ve ever seen depicted in a comic book. Who the unlucky recipient of said kick is, is also quite surprising. Artist Valerio Schiti (a man who’s surname i won’t dare pronounce until i hear him say it) is quickly becoming one of my favourites. He can do the quiet, still moments beautifully but in the more kinetic panels his pencils are really something to behold. That he devotes small panels to a simple foot pivot or hand block caters wonderfully to the Karate Kid inside me (and you too… admit it).

The colours from Frank D’Armata continue to be as tight as a drum. This issue takes place in the space of one rain soaked night and D’Armata’s palette evokes a sense of foreboding in his background colour choices as the issue progresses towards it’s cliffhanger. Yet simultaneously through his foreground (character) work, D’Armata doesn’t lose sight of the fun and light-hearted elements of this title.

All in all Mighty Avengers #7 is another shot across the bow of the more illustrious team books. Al Ewing is doing street-level heroics as they should be done, and he’s doing it with a brilliantly diverse bunch of characters. We often hear that comics need more diversity, well you’ll find it right here. The fact that someone else had to point out to me how Iron Fist and She-hulk were the only two white characters on this team shows what a great writer Ewing is. This book is written so naturally, with such an organic rapport between the characters that their ethnicity is the last thing on your mind. Wit, charm, adventure and tons of heart – Mighty Avengers has it all in spades. A pull-list essential for yours truly.

Story 5/5
Pencils 5/5
Colours 5/5
Overall 5/5

Patrick is a contributing writer for Drunk On Comics. You can follow him on Twitter at @RepStones.

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