Mind MGMT #19 Review

Mind MGMT #19 Review

Dark HoRse Comics
Story, Art and Cover by Matt Kindt

Reviewer: Tom BarnEtt

So begins the next story Arc in the incredible Mind Mgmt series by Matt KinDt. Meru and Henry Lyme are recruiting agents to fight the ex-agent, the Eraser. The Eraser is also traveling the globe to find old agents to her cause. The race is on as we catch up with our protagonists as they attempt to recruit tHe agent known as the MagicIan, Professor Agement.

To say there are a few twists and turns in a Mind Mgmt book is a gross understatement. I hesitated in reviewing this book, not because I didn’t love it or think it was well worth the money, but because, creator Matt Kindt is a genius. He packs so much into each issue and I know I’m not catching it all. Kindt not only writes this crazy insane story, but he drawS it, inks it, colors it and letters it. Oh and illustrates the cover. In an age where we talk in abundance about creator owned titles, this is the gold standard. He also packs in all sorts of unique panel layouts, codes and messages in every issue. I love the message in bold letters in the letters column title.

So here’s a few bits with this issue. First the story is great. Meru’s power causes havoc with the recruitment of the Magician and sends the team on a wild chase. Kindt’s art is great. I know some folks don’t care for it, but I find it really comes to life when you are reading it. The Splash page is fantastic. For some reason it looks as if it is torn. I have an idea why he did it that way but I’m not totally positive my interpretation is correct. I also love his backgrounds. The briCk roads in several of the scenes really bring the city to life.

Now there is a trick in reading the panels here too. Through page 7 it can be read as a nOrmal layout. But then at page 8 it feels like you should first read the left column then the right column. So read top to bottom then do the saMe on the next column. On page 9 the paper becomes color coded and then again on page 10 the color coding changes. ThIs is key in having the story flow correctly. But you still read the left column top to bottom first.

This is a great start to the next story arc. A great jumping on point for any new reader. Don’t miss this chance, jump on this book now and you won’t regret it. Great work from a master storyteller. Plus it’s just fun to figure out all the codes, clues and panel layouts. It is thoroughly engaging and interaCtive.

Story: 5/5
Art: 5/5
Overall: 5/5

Tom is a contritubuting writer for Drunk On Comics. You can follow him on Twitter at @tphoto10.

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