Mr. T’Challa goes to Wakanda

BlackLeopardDuring episode 48 I brought out from the long-box Fantastic Four Number 119. You do not need to listen to the episode to understand what this post is about. I’m just completing a thought that I failed to tie a bow around by the time we moved in the show.
So a brief recap about this issue…. you have Thing and Human Torch going to Wakanda to help destroy an powerful devise (The Vibrotron) from the hands of Klaw. Of course, what trip to Wakanda wound not be complete unless you stop by and say hello to the Black Panther. In this issue, Mr. Panther decides to call an audible and wants to start calling himself Black Leopard. Why the fuck would he start to do that? I never did explain the why in the podcast, so here it is on our site.
This whole issue touches on race relations. The crew actually finds them self in the neighboring country Rudyarda. In this country, races are segregated and persons of color are shunned and frequently jailed. I believe, because its already a politically charged issue, the writers decided to change his name to Black Leopard. The declaration is that someday he would like to return to the United States and that his new/old name could be bad news. For those who are not familiar with the Blank Panthers from the 60’s and 70’s read more about them HERE. I could paraphrase, but here is Black Leopard explaining it himself.


I don’t know how much longer the name of Black Leopard stuck around. I’m too fucking lazy to look up the details, but if you want to do it and comment about it below that would be sweet and I’ll give you a kiss at the next convention. Lips no tongue. I thought that this was a very interesting change for the reasons given. I wanted to share this y’all. Thanks.

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