New Avengers #25 Review

New Avengers 25
New Avengers #25 Review

Story: Johnathan Hickman
Art: Kevin Walker
Color: Marcos Martin

A Review By Ruben Mendoza

New Avengers #25 shows us what is left of the Illuminati as they struggle against the might of SHIELD.

Hickman’s New Avengers #25 gives us a different Illuminati group (joining their ranks is Captain Britain), as a group of wanted men hiding in the shadows as SHIELD and the Avengers struggle to find them. In the previous issue we saw Amadeus Cho captured by Susan Richards of the Avengers, and then interrogated in this issue regarding the whereabouts of her husband and his teammates. Stark is the continued villain of both these books, as it referenced that he has done something and now has just vanished. It seems the neither side is very fond of him at this moment. The book mainly focuses on the missing parts of the story of what the Illuminati have been doing in the background and it leaves a grim picture we see before us.

The Illuminati look tired and beaten; each has lost a great deal and it doesn’t appear to be ending anytime soon. Though, they do not sulk about the actions they have chosen but look determined to get something done. We don’t yet know that something, we don’t know a whole lot really. The books is telling a story but it seems like it’s missing the middle part and asking it’s reader to bear with them as they slowly reveal what is going on. It’s nice to see Captain Britain again, as the last time I saw him was in Uncanny X-Force and really enjoyed the arc he was in there. The art by Kev Walker is great, as is the color from Martin, and both work as a great duo complimenting each other wonderfully.

Lots of moving parts here, but so far this story is the most intriguing of the year… at least until I read Spider-Verse.

Story- 3.5/5
Art- 4/5

Ruben is a contributing writer for Drunk On Comics. You can follow him on Twitter at @TheRubenMendoza.

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