Ordinary #1 Review

Ordinary #1 Review

Publisher: Titan Comics
Writer: Rob Williams
Art: D’Israeli

Colors, Letters, and Covers were not listed.

Review by: Jason Stagner

How would you feel if you awoke one day to find that everyone in the world had gained superpowers except you? That is the plight of Michael Fisher in Rob Williams & D’Israeli’s extraordinary new release. Michael is the epitome of the average Joe – a recently divorced plumber living and sometimes working in New York City. Overnight, he goes from being ordinary to being the odd man out. Late for work, he rushes headlong into the beginnings of the global epidemic and the adventure begins. After witnessing an elderly woman go through the “Benjamin Button” experience in a matter of minutes, Michael suddenly finds himself in a fight to get from Queens to Manhattan to rescue his estranged son Josh. Will this new world paradigm be a blessing or a curse for humanity?

Williams’ story is superbly crafted and the possibilities are endless. Witty, imaginative humor is found everywhere in this book. The breadth of Williams and D’Israeli’s creativity can be seen in the wide range of superpowers and abilities now being exhibited throughout the world. Everything from politicians having their thoughts appear as text for all to see, to a teenage “Goldfinger”, to a Dragon. Instantly relate-able, the characters and dialogue lend themselves to familiarity with any reader, although I would definitely say this book is PG-13.

The pacing in this 32 page initial issue is spot-on, slowly becoming more frantic as the story progresses. The artwork D’Israeli has done for this book is stunning. The subtle details incorporated into this book make it a masterwork. Changes in color; sometimes of single objects, set the mood and play a huge role in the story telling.

Ordinary is quite simply another extraordinary book from across the pond.

Art: 5/5
Story: 5/5
Overall: 5/5

Jason is a contributing writer for Drunk On Comics. You can follow him on Twitter at @jstagner1.

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