Paste Pot Pete (Duke) vs Booster Gold (Albany)

In the battle of who is the loserest, it turns out we can have a clear winner.

Booster Gold was predicted to beat most of his opponents simply because his knowledge of future events would make it likely for him only to fight opponents he knew he was going to defeat, but some unexpected twist came to the time line when the Marvel Villain with the WORST NAME EVER (or Best
Name???) took him out in the first round.

Paste Pot Pete defeated Booster Gold by hitting him with his sticky goo gun.  We mean he shot his load of paste at him.  Uh… what we meant to say was Paste Pot Pete won by getting Booster Gold all sticky.

(Okay we give up.  We can’t do this without our mind in the gutter.)

Paste Pot Pete wins and Booster Gold discovers that he is still a loser.

This team wonders how long Triple P can survive in this tournament, but maybe being so lame will cause all his opponents to under estimate his gummy wad cannon.

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