Please just give it to Disney. Please?

Well, that is one post headline we didn’t think that we would have put up.  Well not at least since the Golden Age of Disney in the 90’s.

The beat on the street is that Fox and Disney Marvel are in talks regarding the rights that Fox still has on the Daredevil franchise.  According to several sources Fox needs to keep using the characters in feature films (examples are Fantastic Four and X-Men) or else they lose the rights to those character.  If that happens then the rights then go back to Marvel.

Please, we hope that this a happens.   Though Fox has had a few very memorable titles released since the modern age of super hero movies, they have had just as many turds.  Though the Mouse at Disney gets ultimate say, we should still feel confident that Marvel will put out outstanding movies.  Did anyone see this summer’s The Avengers?

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