podcast 009: The mystery of the Cucumber


This weeks episode had us all a little hungover/still drunk from Ribfest, but we still managed to pull out another great episode.   We reviewed Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe #1, Hawkeye #1, and The First X-men #1.   We talked about Axe Cop: President of the World, which is created by an 8 year old.  This brought up thoughts of childhood and the beginnings of the Legend of the Cucumber.  We also learned a bit about Slapstick and his limited run in comic books.  The indy book this week was Deadworld: War of the Dead #1.  Booze and a book was Black Kiss 2 #1 to be paired with Crown Royal Special Reserve (because this is not for the kids).  We also talked about the shifting around of writers on Marvel books, as well as the slump in sales that Marvel has had recently.  We also learned how to use the bleep function for the podcast. And don’t forget about our contest.

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