Podcast013: I give it an eh!


Tony, Derek, and Kevin bring another great podcast to your listening ears.  In a surprise twist, Kevin actually bought some newer books and reviewed them.  We went over Before Watchmen: Dr Manhattan #1 & Minutemen #1.  We are wondering in the series when the good ‘ol Doc gives up his need for pants. We reviewed Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe #4 as well as the entire 4 part mini series, and went in the opposite direction with Veronica presents #208 Kevin Keller (aka our Kevin’s comic book doppelganger).  Wolverine #312 had a huge shocker for the Mythos. To round out our reviews, we had Captain America and Namor 635.1

Indy turnpike reviewed Foster #1. Great cartoonishly gritty story.

Booze and a Book was The Rocketeer: Cargo of Doom #1 paired with a Tom Collins.

Friend of the Show (heavy sarcasm there for new listeners) Rob Liefeld was in the comic news again.  Tony also shared a funny site with video game humor called Dorkly.com

Kevin is ready to hug everyone at Detroit Fan Fare. We also learned that Tony will be giving out free sticks for everyone ($2.00 surcharge if you want them sharpened) to poke Derek at the upcoming convention in October

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