Previews From Valiant Comics week of June 10th

It’s time to call in the H.A.R.D. Corps!

Harbinger Wars may be crossing the halfway mark this week, but things aren’t slowing down one bit for Valiant’s first crossover event in the pages of Harbinger Wars #3 (of 4) by Joshua Dysart, Duane Swierczynski, Clayton Henry and Pere Perez!

You’ve heard about the Bloodshot and H.A.R.D. Corps series that will be debuting in September… Now meet the weaponized men and women of the Harbinger Active Resistance Division as they drop in the Vegas strip for their first head-to-head confrontation with Bloodshot and the Harbinger Renegades.

Harbinger Wars #3 (of 4) goes on sale this Wednesday, June 12th.

Introducing…H.A.R.D. Corps! Las Vegas is burning, and the situation on the ground is about to go from bad to worse. With the firefight between the Harbinger Foundation, Bloodshot and the Renegades spiraling out of control, Project Rising Spirit has only one desperate option left to prevent the conflagration from spreading. It’s time to bring the deep-black weapons development project – designation H.A.R.D. Corps – back online. But are they a scalpel or a sledgehammer? And can they be trusted with the enormous power they wield? What happens in Vegas may just destroy the rest of the Valiant Universe!

  Preview Pages: HERE

And just in case you missed last week’s releases…


ALL-NEW ARC! Archer and Armstrong and Aliens. Oh my! Mary-Maria, Archer’s arch-nemesis/love interest/adopted sister is back, ready to take over The Sect – by any means necessary. And what better way to seize control of the secret society of secret societies than by unlocking their most secretive of secrets on the secretest place on Earth? And who but the Valiant Universe’s premiere team of conspiracy-busters can possibly stop her? Just when you thought this book couldn’t get any weirder, Archer & Armstrong storm Area 51…and things get weirder still!

  Preview Pages: HERE

Doctor Mirage talks to the dead. And right now, the dead are screaming, caught between the sinister will of Master Darque and the power of Baron Samedi. Will Shadowman and Mirage be able to defeat them both, or will New Orleans fall to the dead?

Preview Pages: HERE

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