Rogue (Gonzaga) vs Green Lantern (Pittsburg)

In what was the biggest match-up of the West bracket, the Southern powerhouse Rougue faced off against the newest Green Lantern, Simon Baz.

Rogue came out swinging, taking full advantage of Baz’s lack of experience. Before the Lantern could blink, he was being flung to the far reaches of the atmosphere.

But Baz may be new to the game, but he knew a lot about his adversary. Using what he knew of how Magneto was able to touch Rogue, he created a force field around himself as an insulator so she couldn’t touch him. And just for fun, and partially because he always liked Tony Stark, he fashioned himself a green Hulk Buster suit of armor and went to town on the Belle of the Swamp.

Unleashing years of rage and self blame over the death of his brother, he let Rogue have every little bit of that internal anguish.

Although, with his natural Dearborn swagger, right before she passed out, he said, “Hey, when this is over, hit me up. I can do that force field thing your ex boyfriend did too.”

And with a wink and a smile, he moved up to the next round.

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