Scarlet Spider #21 Review


Scarlet Spider #21 Review
“Into the Grave, Part 1”

Writer: Chris Yost & Erik Burnham
Pencils: Carlo Barberi & David Baldeon
Inks: Pallot & Olazaba
Colors: Chris Sotomayor
Letters: VC’s Joe Caramagna
Cover: Ryan Stegeman

Review by Scott Keys

I’ll be up front and honest: I love Ben Reilly! I can’t help it, I began reading Spider-Man right at the beginning of the Clone Saga, and when Ben debuted in that red unitard and blue sleeveless hoodie, I knew he was the one. I, of course, was distraught when he was killed off, but every time he’s been teased at coming back, I just HAVE to get the book. Will this be Ben’s TRUE return?

I won’t leave you in suspense, no, Ben isn’t really back. But that doesn’t make this story any less enjoyable. I will admit that when I saw Ben standing there in all his glory, I got very excited! The battle between Kaine and Ben was wonderfully choreographed and illustrated by the team of Barberi and Baldeon. All the while, Kaine’s supporting cast seems as if they are being hunted. After Kaine realizes he’s been drugged, the big reveal occurs…Kraven! Kraven was posing as Ben to get into Kaine’s head. Yost and Burnham really got into my head, too!

Here I thought we were getting Ben back (as the cover clearly states), “Because you DEMANDED it, Ben Reilly the Original Scarlet Spider.” Alas, it was another ruse, but a cleverly played and brilliantly executed one! Kudos go to the entire team! You got me, and I’ll be coming back for more next month.

Art: 4 / 5
Story: 4 / 5
Overall: 4 / 5

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