Scarlet Spider #22 Review

Scarlet Spider #22 Review

“Into the Grave, Part 2”
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Writer: Chris Yost & Erik Burnham
Pencils: David Baldeon, Patrick Olliffe, and Randy Green
Inks: Pallot & Olazaba
Colors: Sotomayor & Loughridge
Letters: VC’s Joe Caramagna
Cover: Ryan Stegeman

Review by Scott Keys

After the shocking events of last issue, what does Kraven have in store for Kaine?

Yost and Burnham did a great job last issue, and the twists and turns continue in issue 22. The writers are doing a great job of wearing Kaine down and bringing him back to his core…a killer! That’s exactly what Kraven wants, because he wants Kaine to kill him, just as he brought him back to life (it’s a long story). I also enjoyed how the multiple artists were tasked with different portions of the story, as I felt it added to the story rather than detracting from it. I especially liked the battle between Ana Kraven and Kaine, as she’s trying to draw out his “killer instinct” but Kaine realizes that he isn’t that man anymore. Great stuff by the writers and artists!

Even though Scarlet Spider is sadly coming to an end, this creative team is not taking it lying down…they’re going out with a fight! You should definitely check out this final arc if you are a Spidey fan, since it ties back to Spider-Man history, oh, and it’s one hell of a story!

Art: 4 / 5
Story: 4 / 5
Overall: 4 / 5

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