Scribblenauts meet DC Universe

ScribblenautsThe subject header is a more accurate description of the just recently announced game from Warner Brothers (from 5th Cell), Scribblenauts Unmasked.  Regardless of what you call the game, it is going to be pure awesome sauce.  Don’t have a Nintendo 3DS?  Get one.  Don’t have a Wii U?  Well, no one else has one either so that’s a-ok.

For you indifferent or uneducated game peoples, Scribblenauts is a very imaginative game featuring a very unique method of solving puzzles.  The objective of Scribblenauts, as implied by its catchphrase is”Write Anything, Solve Everything”.  Need a hammer?  Draw one.  Want a hot air balloon for riding, you can do that.  Honestly, when I play this game, there is almost nothing that the game doesn’t recognize when you draw it.  Absolutely mind blowing programming.

With this latest iteration you have Maxwell, hooking up with several of the DC Universe Characters. When you have this cross-mash up between two unique worlds, the options for story, action, whatever, are truly endless. Check out the link- again – awesome sauce.


Scibblenauts Unmasked Official Trailer

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