Spawn (Indiana) Vs. Iceman (Temple)

Spawn was upset by the lack of a competitor his first go round in this tournament. He couldn’t get over that a grown women would dress up like a cat. It was bat-shit crazy. (yes, that is a pun)

So when he saw the roster card that he was going to go against an Omega class mutant. Spawn needed to do some research. He found out that this Iceman was a bit of a hothead. But besides personality flaws, he could not see one flaw in this persons power. If this person has the power to bring on an entire ice age on earth if he wanted to, then that is some serious power.

So Spawn, set with his knowledge, felt that he had a a chance to go against this person. So when he walked out into the arena, he was actually sweating a bit. And then a gust of cold air cooled him off, as Iceman went for the attack. But something neither of them anticipated, was that Spawn was a creature from Hell. And he radiated heat as hot as Hell. Every punch that Iceman threw, melted away with a splash in the air.

It only took one right hook, for Spawn to smash a hole in Iceman’s armor. Spawn was declared the victor, but he was not happy with another weak opponent.


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