Superior Spider-Man #30 Review

Superior Spider-Man #30 Review

Writers: Dan Slott, Christos Gage
Pencilers: Giuseppe Camuncoli
Colourists:Antonio Fabela
Inkers: John Dell, Terry Pallot
Letters: Chris Eliopoulos

Published by Marvel

A Review From Ruben Mendoza

“It seems the true villain of the Superior Spider-Man story has always been the Green Goblin”

With Goblin Nation in full effect and the relaunch of Amazing Spider-Man on the horizon, things are changing at a breakout neck. Issue 30 of the Superior Spider-Man (Goblin Nation Part 4) has us witness the destruction of everything Dr. Octopus created as Peter Parker. His entire life is coming unraveled right before his eyes and he can do nothing to stop it. The Green Goblin has been one step ahead of Spider-Man this entire story and constantly mocks Otto every chance he gets. It seems the true villain of Superior Spider-Man has always been the Green Goblin.

It seems that Otto has accepted his short comings as a hero, as the danger begins to rise above his head he begins to ask himself “What would Parker do?” While Peter wonders the mind scape of Dr. Octopus where he begins to realize they have more in common than he realized. This issue is packed with story too, some have complained that Slott has juggled too many different stories into this run but I have to disagree. We have the return of Spider-Man 2099 to help defend the city against JJJ’s Spider-Slayers (or should I say Osborn’s Slayers) Carlie is still under the goblin’s formula with her fate being left in the air , the Avengers reaction to Spider-Man’s mistakes and recent crimes and how his family and friends are going to treat Peter when this is all over. Oh, and (SPOILER!) Peter Parker is back! The Amazing Spider-Man returns for the final issue of Superior Spider-Man to once and for all take down the Goblin Nation! Dan Slott is giving something for everyone, and each small story is forming a bigger picture that is a masterpiece.

The artwork has been fantastic for most of the series and this issue is no exception. The action is fast and furious and Giuseppe Camuncoli does fantastic work in all of it. The Goblin’s face filled with arrogance and pride oozes off the pages and you can almost hear his laughter coming off of the book.

Dan Slott has truly crafted something great here, and taken a character and managed to create new conflicts and enemies for him. This issue also reminds us for all the bad Otto has done, he has also done good. Good that has unfortunately turned to rubble as the Goblin King tears down the entire city. In essence, this was Dr. Octopus’s true final battle, he fought valiantly but in the end he realized he was no hero and that the true Peter Parker needed to be called in to help catch this goblin menace. There hasn’t been a dull moment in this story and I’m looking forward to what’s next for Peter Parker/Spider-Man.

Story- 5/5
Art- 4/5
Overall- 5/5

Ruben is a contributing writer for Drunk On Comics. You can follow him on Twitter at @TheRubenMendoza.

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