Thanos (Illinois) Vs. Bizzaro (Miami)

Thanos has gone up against some of the mightiest heroes around. The marvels that he has seen could fill a galaxy. But he has never had the experience of facing superman. Thanos’ cousin would never stop talking about this Superman character. And although his cousin has come close to defeating this “man of steel,” Thanos knew he could do it. Why, what better way to take on a God, then to be one as well. With the Infinity Gauntlet, it would be over as quickly as it started.

Bizzaro was once again minding his own business. He was already upset that he did not get to be a t.v. Star, and now wanted nothing more than an ice cream cone. But while walking down through town, none other than Thanos showed up to pick a fight.

“Hey Darkseid” said Bizzaro, “want to get some ice cream.”

One thing that Thanos has always been infuriated with is being thought of as his loser cousin. Thanos didn’t even think they looked remotely alike. So with great effort, Thanos said, “How about before we do that, we see who is the mightiest. Me versus you.”

“Me can do” that replied Bizzaro. Before Thanos knew the fight had started, Bizzaro hit him across the jaw. “Me try and fix jaw with hit.”

I can’t believe this is the great Superman thought Thanos. He is dumber than he sounds. But no matter, I have the infinity gauntlet and I will see him suffer.

But when Thanos turned his attention on Bizzaro he noticed Bizzaro had his attention elsewhere. Bizzaro, instead of fighting, was actually playing with a puppy. Thanos would not have any of it. He stormed over and kicked the puppy to Omicron Persei 8. This had the effect of getting Bizzaro’s attention, but also the added effect of Bizzaro’s Fury. Thanos tried to stop Bizzaro by using the power of the mind gem, the most powerful of all the gems. He wanted to crush this “superman’s” will. While concentrating on focusing his power into the mind of Bizzaro, Thanos noticed nothing was happening. While he took hit after hit to not break his concentration, he noticed a crack starting in the mind gem, and then it shattered. Thanos stunned, only looked at his beautiful Gauntlet, of the missing spot where one of the gems were. And he didn’t noticed Bizzaro take it off Thanos’ hand and place it on his own, all to keep the ice cream from dripping all over.

Thanos was stunned that he was defeated. But he now understood why superman was a person to be reckoned with. It wasn’t until the next family gathering that Thanos found out with even more humility that he lost to Bizzaro.



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