The Black Coat: The Blackest Dye Review

The Black Coat: The Blackest Dye Review

Publisher: Ape Entertainment
Writer: Ben Lichius
Art: Dean Kotz
Colors: Diego Rodriguez
Letters: Deron Bennett
Covers: Dean Kotz w/ Diego Rodriguez

Advance Review by Scott Keys

It is my pleasure to bring to you an advanced review (spoiler-free of course) of “The Black Coat: The Blackest Dye.” Never read the Black Coat before? Well, what are you waiting for?!?

If you are unfamiliar, the Black Coat is a Revolutionary War era masked hero, helping the colonists in their battle against the British. This story picks up a few months after the previous Black Coat tale (go track it down, you’ll like it, too! I promise), and that is about as specific as I’ll be from now on.

I’ve enjoyed the Black Coat since it’s inception with the incomparable Francesco Francavilla on art, and creator Ben Lichius and artist Dean Kotz have kept this fun series going. “The Blackest Dye” is their latest foray, this time with the help of Kickstarter and backers (like me) to help bring this story to print. If you like action, adventure, historical fiction, and the supernatural, this book is for you! Lichius’ writing is great, as always, melding history with our fictional hero and the supernatural evils he confronts. Kotz’s art is crisp as ever, and he really brings you back to Revolutionary War era colonies, as well as doing a great job with the likeness of General Washington (and a select few backers that he portrayed in the book for their support) and the period garb of the characters in this fine book.

So, this November, be sure to check out “The Black Coat: The Blackest Dye” at your local comic shop and support this fun title and it’s creators!

Art: 4.5 / 5
Story: 5 / 5
Overall: 5 / 5

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